About UJC

About UJC

With families fraying, spread out, or non-existent, a substantial portion of long-time residents of the Lower East Side don’t have family they can count on for the help they need. UJC fills that gap with services such as home health care aides, social services, and senior services.

Our Mission

UJC serves as a coordinating body of neighborhood, secular, civic and fraternal organizations. Formed in 1971 by neighborhood leaders and residents, the UJC works to preserve and stabilize the Lower East Side of Manhattan community through the provision of a wide range of human services and community development programs. While the majority of programs are oriented to the needs of the elderly, UJC also operates a wide range of programs for families and children.

What We Do

UJC provides the essential services that seniors and others rely on — housing, meals, social services, and friendship — that make life-changing differences for so many. We work tirelessly day after day to provide a safety net for those who have none. Our main services include:

Home Health Aides
to help seniors and others get the support they need to remain in their homes.
Social Services
to help with housing, employment, immigration, government assistance, and legal issues.
Senior Services
to provide social events, a lunch program, classes in art and fitness, and more.

UJC’s Impact

UJC is the social safety net for so many. Working efficiently, with passion and a mission to leave no one behind, we have achieved remarkable results for an agency of our size.

Our Impact This Year Alone


45,000 meals delivered to homebound people, rain or shine, snow or heat.

hours of care to those who needed help in their homes provided by more than 800 Home Health Care Aides.
reassurance telephone calls made to homebound seniors to ensure their well-being.
at-risk members of the Lower East Side were able to remain in the area with our help.


seniors achieved financial stability and healthcare so they could stay in their homes.
immigrants received services to help them to succeed and join the community.
low-income families and individuals became economically self-sufficient.

“What differentiates us is that we have personal relationships with our clients. We know everyone by name. We don’t turn people away—we take everyone. There’s follow-up, there’s accountability. These people are a part of our lives.”

– Betsy Jacobson, Executive Director

Our Leadership

UJC is led by people who have on-the-ground experience and intimately understand the needs of seniors and other marginalized residents of the Lower East Side. Our leaders bring tremendous passion for those we serve and celebrate the success of each client. Our staff includes social workers authorized to represent people at INS hearings as well as social workers who can appear at administrative hearings for other government agencies. Our clients receive comprehensive services under one roof.
Fiscal responsibility is a priority at UJC.
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Preserving Jewish Life

Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy

The Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy (LESJC) was created to showcase the history and culture of the Jewish community of the Lower East Side through a dynamic and varied touring program.

The LESJC also serves as the communal agent for historic neighborhood preservation by assisting community synagogues with landmark designation, strategies for restoration, and fundraising.

The Conservancy organizes tours and educational projects so that the historic importance of the Lower East Side can be accessed and appreciated by everyone.

For more information about the Conservancy, visit: nycjewishtours.org.


New York City Department for the Aging

Citymeals on Wheels

UJA Federation of New York